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Steve Erickson Steve Erickson wrote:February 21st, 2010

Your Brand Alarm is Ringing

Isn’t it wonderful? How all of your prospects and clients rolled out of their beds this morning, rubbed the sleep from their eyes and immediately thought to themselves, “Gosh, I sure hope I’ll see an advertising message from fill in your brand name here .”  Wow, that makes your job so much easier, knowing every one of them is totally psyched to hear from you.

Okay, so that didn’t happen, nor will it ever. But surprisingly, some companies really do act like that implausible event occurs in their marketplace every morning. They believe that whatever message they put out, in whatever medium, no matter how trite, complex, boring or forgettable it might be, viewers and readers will be attracted to their brand like geeks to a Star Trek convention. Bless their pointy ears, but no way. Sorry, Spock.

What does attract viewers and readers are messages from brands they know and respect. Brands that provide them with an expectation of being rewarded … with valuable information, by being entertained or by something that will make their job or life better. It starts by using words and images they haven’t read or seen hundreds of times before. By not force feeding them more details than they can possibly consume. By engaging them in unique and uncomplicated ways that say “we respect your time, your intelligence and what you care about.”

Respect your audiences and they’ll respect you. Then, though they’ll never leap out of bed in the morning hoping to hear from you, they’ll be more attentive and responsive when they do. And ultimately, more likely to buy from you.

Now, because I respect your time and intelligence, I’ll stop here. In the meantime, “Live long and prosper.”

Steve Erickson
President, Creative Director
800-728-2656, ext. 126

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