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Megan Jasin Megan Jasin wrote:October 22nd, 2010

The Social Media Cake: Dig In or Leave the Party

The Social Media Cake: Dig In or Leave the PartyHere are some of my favorite blog posts from this week. Most of them deal with the changing roles of today’s journalists, agencies and public relations practitioners.

If you don’t want to metaphorically dig into the colorful layers of the today’s “social media cake,” you might as well leave the party.

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Listen, Learn and Engage:

The Professional Persona: Don’t Let It Define You — I mentioned Lauren Fernandez’s personal brand in a presentation I gave yesterday at Kirkwood Community College for the American Advertising Federation of Cedar Rapids—Iowa City. One thing I forgot to mention about Lauren is that she is now unemployed and has started blogging about her unemployment experiences in “The Unemployed Diaries.”

This is a great example of how to utilize your personal brand to your advantage. By openly communicating with her audience, followers and the general public, she is showing people that she’s not afraid of being so vulnerable on the Web. Potential employers that view these posts will know that she’s not only an excellent communicator, but that she knows how to use PR to make connections. I wish Lauren the best of luck in her job search, but by the looks of her SEO presence, I don’t think it will be long before she’s hired!

The Boy with the Bread — An important lesson from Danny Brown about how your decision today can alter your business or brand tomorrow.

Putting in the Hours — Chris Brogan discusses the value and benefits of being prepared for every seminar presentation, every speech and every encounter of your professional life.

Connect with HRB:

An Evolving PR Industry Gathers at the PRSA National Conference in Washington, D.C. — David Spinks of the Spinks Blog and #u30pro Twitter® chat (Thursday evenings) reflects on the annual PRSA National Conference. I wish I could have attended; it would have provided me with a lot of historical insight about the PR industry. Still, Spinks did an excellent job summarizing the speakers’ presentations. Lee Odden discussed basic SEO tips, while others spoke about how journalists now prefer to crawl the search engines for story leads themselves.

I’m Telling You, Business Cards Are Where It’s At — I was in the same boat as recent University of Illinois graduate Stephanie Florence when I was 20 and told my friends I wanted to create a business card. But this week I created my first business card ever, and I must say, it really is an invaluable branding component. Even if you’re just an intern like me, possessing a business card and designing it for “brand you” shows others you take yourself seriously and they should, too. Check out this blog for a list of things you might want to include on your business card if you’re still a student.

New Survey Shows Small Businesses are Uncertain About Social Media Use for Reaching Customers - I think a lot of companies don’t know how to predict and measure how social media marketing can result in profits for their brand. Whatever happened to good old experimentation? I say, why wouldn’t companies want to listen and engage directly with their audience?

Social media marketing is revolutionary in that it allows companies to monitor what people are saying about their brand and immediately address the public’s concerns and questions. Companies should seriously consider the unique advantages that social media use and monitoring offer. The online tools at our disposal today not only offer open communication that were unimaginable just thirty years ago, but they can expose your product or service to an audience you never considered before.

If you think about social media from an interpersonal standpoint, the opportunities for growth are truly infinite. Not everything has to be about the bottom line. Read this Bulldog Reporter blog to see the survey results.

That’s it! Check back next Friday for more interesting reads!

Megan Jasin
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